Wednesday, January 28, 2015

This Saturday, January 31st!

Come join us at Vegas Roots Community Garden this Saturday, January 31st at 10am and get
 a free, hands-on lesson in pruning fruit trees.

If you haven't been out to Vegas Roots yet, this is a perfect opportunity to see the gardens and their miniature orchard of fruit trees.

Vegas Roots is located at 715 N. Tonopah Dr. LV NV 89106

Our resident horticulturalist and very own gardening celebrity, Dr. Q., will be showing everyone the techniques to trim your fruit trees.
Bring your questions and your pruners!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Hang In There!

 Nagami Kumquat

By this time in the winter season we're all a little over the cold and over the bare branches. Over it, and daydreaming of the spring flowers and budding trees that are just around the corner. Spring always seems like it can't come soon enough when we're getting the planting itch that we are scared to scratch because it's still January. While there are still plenty of winter flowers and dormant trees we can plant in the winter, not to mention all the pruning and prep still left on our to-do lists, we can't help but yearn for warmer weather. Even a warm January is still January and the very mention of the month gives us the shivers.

Thankfully we're still deep in citrus season. 

Tangerine trees at the Las Vegas Library

Winter is when the majority of citrus is in perfect season. It's as if citrus somehow knows that we're on the verge of end-of-season madness so it proudly hangs it's beautiful, brightly colored, tangy fruits from it's branches. Reminding us that there are still some good things left in the middle of winter. Citrus is cheering us on "hang in there!" Literally. It's as if citrus knows that we need those bright oranges and yellows and greens to hold us over until the explosion of color that comes with spring.

So I'd like to say thank you, citrus, for being the beautiful bridge between Winter and Spring.

Here are some great winter citrus varieties:
Rio Red Grapefruit
Moro Blood Orange
Washington Navel Orange
Dancy Mandarin
Nagami Kumquat
Variegated Pink Lemon

And if you want citrus all year, look for some ever bearing varieties:
Eureka Lemon
Meyers Lemon
Mexican Lime

Take a trip over to your neighborhood Star Nursery to learn more!

P.S. What's your favorite citrus fruit?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

This Saturday January 24th!

Star Seminars

Don't miss our Rose & Fruit Tree Care & Pruning Seminar!
At all Star Nursery Locations 10am & 2pm
Bring your questions!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Victory for Variety

The Variety School's principal, Jason Fico, is passionate about using the garden space to help teach his special needs students. So when he received a grant to do a garden overhaul he reached out to Star to lend some help in the planning and getting things moving.

We helped plant 8 fruit trees surrounding their already 8 raised garden beds. Spread compost throughout the beds and laid some dripper line irrigation so that they didn't have to rely on hand watering their growing veggies everyday.

Now we've gotten their small, but beautiful greenhouse up and running complete with seed trays and a pump irrigation system. They can now start their own seedlings to transplant into the garden every season.

We've already witnessed first hand how the garden can really help special needs students. When a child is having behavioral issues in class, they can be taken outside to the garden. What started out as a behavioral outburst with a student quickly subsided into calm curiosity when that same student was asked to lend a hand with watering a fruit tree.

Variety plans on opening a farmers market to sell the excess produce that they are growing to fund future school projects and programs.

What's your school planning on growing this spring?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Kids Garden Club - Second Saturdays

Thanks for coming out to the Kids Garden Club this past Saturday!
We all had a great time making our water bottle greenhouses! 
Go forth and grow!

To see the complete project guide click here.

Hope to see you next time on Saturday Feb 14th


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

This Saturday!

Join us at all Star Nursery locations for our Fruit Tree Care & Pruning Seminar!
Morning session is at 10am and afternoon is at 2pm.

Don't forget to bring your questions!