Monday, May 29, 2017

5 No-Stress Summer Flowers That Last

As the weather warms and cool season flowers fade, it’s time to think about summer and flower varieties that will produce in desert heat and hot, dry winds. 


This is a showy, glossy green, heat-loving plant with flowers in unusual shades of grape, raspberry, blue, red, rose, white and bicolor. Excellent in masses, as borders or spot accents. Avoid overhead sprinkling. It may return from seed next year.


Makes a spectacular addition to any summer garden. Ranging in size from dwarf to 3 feet or more, this heat lover produces flowers in nearly every shade imaginable. Good in pots; remove spent flowers to encourage repeat blooming. Avoid overhead sprinkling.


 This a bright, cheery, heat-loving plant is available in trailing or clumping varieties. Trailing types make excellent ground covers while clumping plants are perfect for spot accents, masses or borders. Colors range from white to burgundy, yellow, orange, red and bicolor. Don’t over water this one!


Makes an excellent trailing plant for shady containers, window boxes and hanging baskets. In shady gardens it makes a nice, compact accent or border. In varieties like Cambridge Blue and Crystal Palace, rich blue flowers contrast with bright green or bronzy green leaves. Other varieties may be pure white, pink or blue with a white eye.

Pentas or Star Flower

Are wonderful, spreading, multi stemmed perennials grown as annuals in our climate. Compact plants are continually covered with clusters of white, pink, lilac or red flowers. Superb as borders, masses or accents. Takes overhead watering better than most bedding plants.

Most colorful blooming flowers have much more tender roots than trees or shrubs so it is important that you have rich garden soil. Due to our poor native soil, it is best to add organic material like Paydirt™ Planting Mix or Humus Gro, with a liberal addition of Dr. Q’s® Gold Dust Starter Fertilizer. Install your flowers, water with a solution of Dr. Q’s Plant Tonic, fertilize monthly and enjoy! Container gardens are super too!

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

How To Lush-Up Your Landscape In One Simple Step

Vines have many uses in desert climates. Some provide bright color in hot areas, others cover bare walls and fences, dress up posts and columns 
or make nice shady area ground covers. 

Whatever your reason for selecting vines, it’s very important to pick the right vine for the right place. 

Creeping Fig (Ficus pumila). 

Dainty, evergreen vine starts out slowly then accelerates to cover large areas in a short time. Provides excellent cover in medium to dense shade; looks great on chimneys. Will climb equally well on wood, masonry or metal. Small, delicate leaves become larger and thicker with age. Water moderately in summer, deeply and infrequently otherwise.

Honeysuckle (Lonicera japonica). 

Versatile, semi-evergreen vine is noted for its fragrant white and yellow flowers spring through fall. Excellent for fence, arbor, wall or trellis; good ground cover on slopes. Give moderate to infrequent water when established. Prune heavily and clean out in spring. Fertilize occasionally to increase flowers production.

A tough, brightly colored, sun-loving summer annual in shades of red, purple, pink or orange.

Trumpet Creeper (Campsis radicans and hybrids). 

Fast growing, deciduous vine has clusters of red-orange, trumpet shaped flowers all summer. Hybrid varieties have salmon-red or yellow blooms. Can cover a 20 x 20 foot area. Excellent choice for hot corners, walls, fences and arbors. Will take ample water, but does very well with deep, infrequent irrigation. Fertilize lightly in spring.

English Ivy (Hedera helix). 

Dense, tough, evergreen ivy climbs easily on walls and fences; good spot ground cover and filler for small spaces. Other varieties like Hahn’s English Ivy and Needlepoint Ivy will also fill the bill. Most do best with regular water and afternoon shade. Keep away from stucco as aerial roots will cause damage.

While many vines need little or no feeding, most will benefit from an application of a complete fertilizer like Dr. Q’s® Tree, Shrub & Vine Food in March, May and September

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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Here Are 5 Super Sweet Ways To Celebrate Mom!

Nothing warms a mother's heart more than a thoughtful and personal gift!
Here are some ideas that are sure to be a hit:

The Herb Garden

Give her the herb garden of her dreams in an assortment of pottery to suit her style. 

A Hanging Basket of Flowers

An easy way to dress up any outdoor space without taking up a lot of room.

A Succulent Planter

Succulents are so trendy and so easy to care for that it makes a perfect gift for even the not-so-green-thumbs!


Why not trade in your traditional gift of cut roses for roses that she can plant in her garden? 

A Houseplant

To elevate her style and air quality. Add a pretty decorative to give it your personal touch!

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