Monday, January 25, 2016

An Evening With Chef Robert Camacho Of Honey Salt! RSVP Now!

Star Nursery’s very own Culinary Experience… Learn more about growing your own edible garden and how to cook with them. We’ll have a Meet and Greet with our very own Dr. Q! He’ll share his wealth of knowledge on how to properly grow your own vegetables and herbs. A local chef will host a cooking demonstration with samplings to enjoy. 

Star Nursery’s Culinary Experience
Thursday, February 18th at 6pm

Must RSVP at by Friday, February 5th – Space is limited!

Friday, January 8, 2016

It's Time to Prune Your Fruit Trees!

If you have fruit trees but haven't had much success with them, you may be just 
a few steps away from the most rewarding season yet.

It's time to get outside on a Sunday morning armed with
 a couple of good tools and a good strong cup of coffee.

Pruning is often avoided because of the labor commitment and the intimidation of making the wrong cut, but it's a key component of boosting your personal fruit factory's production.

A good pair of bypass pruners can usually do the trick for younger trees as long as you're pruning limbs that are an inch in diameter or less.

Look to remove limbs that are crossing other limbs that can cause friction and damage to the branches you want to keep.
Make sure not to remove more than 25% of the branches in one pruning season.

Once you've successfully pruned your trees, you'll want to spray them with a Horticultural Oil to kill any overwintering insects or their eggs.

It's best to use a tank sprayer to get the best coverage. Mix the oil into the sprayer according to the directions and coat the limbs, trunk, base and surrounding ground of the tree.

If you're worried about fungus you can do the same thing with a liquid Fungicide.

Taking these precautionary steps during the dormant season is a small price to pay for the extra fruit that you're bound to see come spring and summer.

Don't miss out on our Free Star Seminar of Fruit Tree Pruning and Care this Saturday at 10am and 2pm at All Star Nursery Locations

Also, see our Star Note on Fruit Tree Selection, Planting and Care.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Your Living Room Doesn't Know It's Winter

Making a resolution to get healthier? Well don't forget to add cleaning up the air in your home to your get-healthy checklist.

Houseplants are a great way to add some peace and tranquility, not to mention personality and style, to your living space. You can find a plant for just about every corner of every room.

Take this Mother in Law's Tongue that you see above. There are many different leaf variations of this species. They are low light loving and drought tolerant making them one of the most fool-proof plants to buy. Not to mention the dramatic spires that this prolific multiplier send out, could really be used to make a bold statement in your room.

If the more traditional houseplants aren't really your style, 
then consider the vast world of succulents and cacti.

Most people don't realize that these can be grown indoors with direct sunlight and are really great for adding a unique twist. With so many options to choose from, it's hard to pick just one. 
Don't worry though, these plants with their contrasting colors and leaf shapes, actually look better when they are paired with multiple varieties.

For more ideas and information check out the houseplant and cacti/succulent section at your nearest Star Nursery!