Tuesday, November 7, 2017

5 Things You Didn't Know About Real Christmas Trees

1. Our Christmas Trees are “Farm Grown.” 
This means that each Christmas Tree is specifically planted and grown for the purpose of harvesting for the holidays and 
when one tree is cut, 
another is planted in its place.  

The trees that are cut down for Christmas nowadays are grown on tree farms. These tree farms are in business with the sole function of planting, cultivating and then harvesting evergreen trees for Christmas. The process is very similar to any other farm.  

2. The Earth Benefits from Christmas Trees!
The growth-to-harvest process can take seven to ten years, and during this time these trees are doing their part to:

  • reduce carbon dioxide.
  • produce oxygen for our environment.  
  • mitigate stormwater runoff and flooding.
  • provide a habitat for wildlife.

It is solely due to Christmas tree sales that tree farms even exist. Without the market for fresh, real trees during the holiday season, these farms would never be planted and the benefits would disappear. 

3. Christmas Trees continue to "drink" water after they are cut!
Keeping your tree hydrated after a cut will help keep it fresh and looking it's best for the entire holiday season. This could mean filling the water basin every day. This will help avoid needle drop and fire hazard from having a dry tree.

When you purchase your tree from Star Nursery, you’ll receive a fresh cut on the base of the tree. This will allow the tree to easily drink from a water-filled stand while in your home.

4. Christmas Trees can be Recycled!
Each year, there are multiple locations for recycling after the holidays. You can find a drop off location by visiting

  The trees are chipped into mulch that can be returned to the earth to help plants grow. 
You'll see the use of this mulch used in community areas around our valley. 

Community Gardens, Parks and places like the 
Springs Preserve are using recycled Christmas Trees to help improve their soil, reduce irrigation and control soil temperatures in the winter and summer. 

This good deed leads to the start of a new cycle of trees being planted. 

5. The mulch produced by Christmas Trees is available for Free!

The University of Nevada Cooperative Extension is offering free mulch at their Research Center and Demonstration Orchard in North Las Vegas and at the Lifelong Learning Center at 8050 Paradise Rd.  

The mulch is available on the days that they are 
open to the public.
Just bring your own shovel and container!

Complete the Life Cycle of your Christmas Tree this season.  Give your community the gift of mulch.

Recycle. Recycle. Recycle.